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Welcome Denver Golfers!

Discover How YOU Play YOUR Best


   Would You Like to Play Your Best Game of Golf...
Each and Every Round?

Of course! But if you’re like most seasoned golfers you know that’s easier said than done. Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You missed an easy putt and feel embarrassed
  • You hit the ground and sent a huge divot flying through the air, along with your confidence
  • You shanked a short chip-and-run into a bunker and that’s all you can think about

Wonder Why One Day You Play Golf Well and...
The Next Day You Don’t?

Denver Golf Coach LPGA Pro Elena KingDiscover the hidden aspects of your game that keep you playing below your personal best. Working with Denver, CO LPGA Class A Teaching and Club Professional Elena King, you’ll experience a complete-game approach to golf instruction. Elena’s dedication to and resulting success of her students has earned her many of golf’s most prestigious awards, including Golf Digest’s Top 10 Best Instructors in Colorado 2013 - 2016.

Skill coaching can improve your game.  But Elena’s Performance 360 ™ methodology empowers you to find your ultimate breakthrough.  You’ll experience a coaching program that combines the following skill and performance success factors:  

  • Skill/Technique – FlightScope X2 / Technology BodiTrak
  • Physical – Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)  Certified
  • Equipment – Titleist Certified Fitter
  • Mental / Emotional Management — Staying Committed and Present Opti International and FocusBand
  • On Course Performance — Strategy and Managing Interference (internal and external)

Are You Ready to Empower Yourself to
Improve Your Golf Game and Have More Fun?

Both your game and enjoyment will improve as you learn to:

  • Maximize the Impact of Your Skill Training
  • Discover Your Best Playing State
  • Be Prepared, Ready and Committed to Each Shot
  • Create and Increase Confidence
  • Build Mental and Emotional Resilience or Bounce Back
  • Manage Your Energy
  • Know Your Exact Ball and Club Data with FlightScope X2 Technology

Call (303) 503-0330 or e-mail today to set up Your Free Consultation with Elena King. 


What Other's Say About Denver Golf Instructor Elena King

There's no one better than Elena's students to tell you about their success:

Neil N.

My index has dropped 2.5 points and I shot a career best 74 last week.  You have earned my business for a long time!


I just returned from my lesson and I have to tell you I think it was the best ever.  Everything made sense to me and I can't wait to get out and put it to the test.  Thank you for setting me straight!!


Played great tonight.  Had a fab sand shot. I hit a big shot out of the sand and it landed 5 feet from the hole.  Followed through on many shots.  Felt in control of my swing.  You ROCK!!!!!! 

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Future Champions Golf Top 25 in 2016!

Congratulations to Elena King for being awarded the 2016 Future Champions Golf Top 25 Elite Junior Golf Coaches in the USA Award!

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King is One of Golf Digest's Best in State

For the second straight time Elena King was voted in by her peers in Colorado and made the Golf Digest Best in State Award for 2015-2016



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