Denver Golf Instruction: Get Ready to...
Transform Your Game!

Skill Coaching can Improve Your Game and Performance 360˚ Coaching Delivers the Ultimate in Breakthrough Impact

ExperienceGolf® is on a mission to offer YOU the best golfing experience. We do this by providing a coaching environment that combines mechanics (skill) with performance elements that include the mental, emotional and physical aspects of performance.

LPGA Class A Teaching and Club Professional Elena King, has developed the Performance 360˚ coaching method to insure a consistent coaching structure and comfortable learning environment. The goal is to empower students to perform at their personal best.

Denver Golf Coach Elena King Coaching Philosophy

Elena’s coaching philosophy has been developed as a result of her own quest to learn why player A and B can have similar fundamentals, but one plays so much better than the other. She has boiled it down to this question:

“What interferes with your ability to perform at your best at your current skill level?”

After coaching thousands of students, Elena’s belief, that playing your best is a combination of both skill and performance elements, has proven time and again to be the difference maker. Her Performance 360˚ program creates a custom coaching plan that empowers you to transform your game as a result of taking a 360˚ view.

Elena works exclusively with committed golfers, like you, who are looking for significant improvement and greater enjoyment from their golf game. A multi-year recipient of Golf Digest’s Top 10 Colorado Golf Instructors, Elena’s Performance 360˚ program is student-based and provides a personalized coaching approach.

Performance 360˚ Coaching Methodology

Elena’s Performance 360˚ program consists of the following key steps:

  • Initial Meeting
  • Online Self-Assessment
  • Physical Assessment
  • Skill Assessment
  • Work Together to Develop Coaching Plan
  • Introduce a Variety of Performance Based Tools throughout Coaching Program
  • Close Each Coaching Session with a Lesson Review and Student Learning
  • Follow Each Lesson with an e-mail that Captures Key Student Learning and Related Pictures for Ongoing Reference

Wondering what to expect from your Performance 360˚ Program? Here are just a few of the many things you will experience that help you play your best game:

  • Discover Your Best Playing State
  • Presence and Focus Training for Peak Performance on Course
  • Goal Setting and Improvement Tracking with Personalized Practice Plans
  • Customized Swing Coaching in ALL areas of the game
  • FlightScope X2 Launch Monitor
  • Personalized Equipment Fitting — Titleist Certified Fitter
  • TPI Certified Fitness Assessment

Are you ready to discover your best playing state? Call (303) 503-0455 or e-mail Elena today to set up your free consultation.