ExperienceGolf Testimonials

"Your lesson was so effective that going into my 45th season of playing I can't ever look at the game and a shot the same way again, this is huge!"

- Dave Hiebler

"I can't thank you enough for all that you helped me work through this past year, through injury to a healthy and "balanced" space in life and game. Your rock!! Couldn't have done it without you!"

- DS

"Elena King is exactly what I want in a golf instructor. She truly has a knack for getting to the heart of the issue and conveying the critical info in a short bit of time. Each visit she has told me exactly what I was looking for, and has sent me away with the thinking that I need when I step up to the ball.

"Recently she has given me a way of thinking about chip shots that gives me a confidence that allows me to perform at my best. Each visit she gives me a piece of the golf puzzle that I have been missing.

"Walking away from her lessons with more than I expected and a much improved golfing experience makes my time on the golf course a joy!"

- Michael W. Smith

"When I focus on the process and don't think about the outcome, I enjoy the game a lot more!"

“I know I couldn't stop saying 'thank you' all evening but I can't thank you enough! I appreciate your willingness to work with a self-admitted skeptic like myself. What an energizing, liberating and fun experience that was! I am going to try my best to remember your swing key tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow and keep coming back to it every time I put a golf club in my hand.”

- FG

“Thanks Elena! I think we made a huge breakthrough today. Cannot WAIT to get out on the course to try it out.”

- MW

“It has been awhile since I have been encouraged with progress in golf, and I am looking forward to some practice time resulting in a better swing! You rock!”

- VT

“It was great seeing you yesterday and thanks so much for my lesson. You are always able to fix what is going on with my swing so quickly and easily and send me on my way encouraged and eager to try it on my next round of golf. You are simply the best!!!”

- MW